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  • Ashley - just a few good fast questions for you (if you don't mind answering)

    1. Explain to me the "endless loop of testing" - I get free beta -> run program -> try feature -> says i need full version -> try buying -> says i can test beta, can't buy -> go test beta -> can't use feature says need full version -> try buying -> and so on...

    explain me this please? you expect us to test c3 with like 50% features locked? and limits? it's a goddamn beta atleast let us test full product for the time being. i bet that you can just make a boolean per user account and flip on / off paid version once you've released it.

    2. are you going to put pin button on the panels? like in visual studio? that would be like the best feature ever, here's a screenshot:

    once the auto hide is pressed it appears left side as a panel and autoshows when mouseover, or i can just pin it back as it is now.

    the feature would be very usefull to gain more space

    3. how long will be beta?

    4. why did you use pewdiepie in your marketing ?

    5. it said that c3 would load instantly... but it takes like 5~10 seconds (my net is fine, 2.2MB/s download, EU)

    can't remember other questions i had... but i will ask you later ^^


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  • I fully understand that you did not ask me 1 thing, i just feel that a positive reaction is on its place here.

    Unlike you, i am happy with the way that things are running right now. I see Scirra people till late online. I see Ashley in person plow trough the many reports. I see a lot of closed reports. I have no idea about tomorrow, but up to now, i see a lot of good work been done.

    I am perfectly fine with this alfa-beta-theta version. I am fine with the restrictions, i dont know (but i dont think) that this is the final form of the free version. I do know, and i do understand, that this form is about the only possible base form that can take our daily abuse and return manageable bug hunting and reports. Anyone who ever helped someone on this forum finding a script bug in a 100+ event system should understand this.

    As probably everyone, i wrestle with convincing myself to step in a (for me expensive) subscription system when it comes to c3. But that is a decision for later. Right now, i can only watch this grow and bloom with pleasure and confidence in the future.

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