Would you all like these features which will reduce the no of events you will need to write.

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  • Some times a user wants to transition between different colours(for example the colours of a sprite) but then tge user nay have to input vastly different RGB colour codes which can be hard to manage and storing different properties in a property container and attaching them with an ID to be recalled later with expressions can help some users along with some property detection conditions like "Is Colour","Is Angle" can help a large number of people when combined with tags which contain actions(Incivible,Pickup etc) with some systems like Shop,UI Input and Settings abd pre made layouts can reduce the amount of code blocks which the user will have to write in order to create their game and if I will see a lot of demand for this feature then I will request Ashley for adding this feature to Construct 3,Cheers.

  • It's really hard to understand you. You should at least break this wall of text into sentences.

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  • Just define your colours as global variables?

  • This parameter does not take 'string'

  • No.

    I want Construct to be an engine not a template.

    It would be great if people made examples of plug-and-play shop systems etc. and shared them, but I hardly think that any feature that is as specific as Shop has no place as a in-built feature.

    You can build that easily with arrays, variables and simple functions.

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