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  • Ashley i have a feature request of a software with a visual editor which can easily let users send and receive API calls to get data from web services and computer programs and that software could also contain actions,conditions and events for editing Construct 3 or for passing data to Construct 3,for example-The software can be made to access data from many AI services and AI software for different things like Image Segmentation(For breaking down a sprite into smaller parts),Image Generation(For art generation),Semantic Image Synthesis(For converting doodles into art),Image Super Resolution(For increasing the resolution of images),Text Generation(for generating text),Image Translation (For converting sprites of players to enemies and vice versa) and convert them into compatible formats - Images for sprites,Text for the text object or even arrays or dictionaries,With this software if it is easy to use people will be able to add many features to Construct 3 by themselves without having to do most of the feature development themselves or hire other people like other data scientists for developing features which require Neural Networks and Deep Learning and people can also sell the creations which they have made in the Scirra store,Note-There are many software and websites which can do the things which I have listed above and you can find out their names by Googling about them and you can even use them for generating interesting content for your comments,Cheers.

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