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  • Is there a way to possibly push file directly from Construct 3 to something like Gitlab/Github? Azure Web Apps do it in reverse, pulling from github when changes are made.

    In this case, what would be great is having the ability to Export to Git as HTML5 so whenever you have an update it'll automatically show up. From there, using something like Azure Web Apps you'd have a game that can literally go from Construct 3 to published.

    Currently my workflow is as follows:

    1. Develop Game in Construct 3

    2. Export to HTML5

    3. Extract Files to local Git repo

    4. Commit changes to Git repo and push

    5. Enjoy game in Azure Web App

    For any questions on setting up an Azure Web App you can see the link below.

    https://github.com/blog/2056-automating ... -and-azure

    Having the ability to develop games on my iPad or Samsung tablet is the primary reason I purchased my license, and given the open to export directly to Git would be amazing as I would be able to Develop and Publish directly from my Tablet! Imagine that...

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  • You could do this now, without having to change any apps by using a library that listens to a folder and just commits any changes that happen in that folder after 2 seconds.


    You could probaby modify it to auto unzip the zip file as well so that you'd have no manual steps after export.

    In addition, I believe they are working on having export plugins, so in that case, all the logic for the extraction and git push could happen in an export plugin.

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