Feature for converting Unity game files into Construct 3 project files.

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  • Will you all like a feature for converting the Unity,Unreal,Game Maker project files into Construct 3 Project files,Can you please give your response and If most of your responses are positive then I will post about this feature in Construct's Ideas and Suggestions platform while taking your feedback into account,Cheers.

  • I don't think this is technically feasible I'm afraid.

  • Well Ashley even if this might not be possible I believe through a plugin Unity can stream a running project to a Construct 3 project by using Internet and there are some plugins for Unity that can allow game developers to edit and save their game projects at runtime with supported properties(in their projects) without having to go back to the editor which can help construct 3 to access at least some properties of any Unity game project(for example-Position,Rotation,Scale,Colour etc) and Constrct 3 users can also edit the properties of a steamed Unity game project and save it without even having to use Unity by taking advantage of automation(for editing properties) and game streaming(for streaming a running playable Unity game project,and this can also be done offline in the users desktop) behind the scenes and Ashley can you tell me whether this idea is feasible?.

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  • That's impossible. Once you stream a game it basically turns in to video playback, and you can no longer alter any properties of the game.

  • Ashley I think you have misunderstood what I have said,There are already game streaming services like Google Stadia which can help users play games which are streamed and there can be a button in the Construct 3 previewer to finalize the values of properties(from other game engines) and hide the properties editor of that game from both the game developer and the player of their games and this streaming can also contain some metadata about the objects being streamed(For example-Position,Image,Colour etc to identify them along with tags) allowing Construct 3 to filter(by the user's choice) which objects to stream and also when to stream them and the advantage of this feature or other similar features giving the same results and it can provide Construct 3 with many new features and out of them some can take years to develop.Maybe this feature can also be used for streaming the projects of other open source game engines which compete with Construct 3 but are not do not have the features which Construct has there by saving those game engines from death and also providing their features to the users of Construct(Perhaps with a custom editor with the buttons streamed from those open source game engines to complete a single or multiple tasks).

  • As far as I can tell it's not technically feasible right now, with or without streaming. In fact it's possible using complex streaming technology actually makes it even less feasible, not more. To me "solve it with streaming" sounds too much like "solve it with magic".

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