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  • Then your setup in Audience Network (IDs etc) is not correct then. Since the plugin works fine.

    Have you exported with C3 or C2 runtime? (I have only used C2)

  • The IDs are correct and I'm using the C2 runtime but I think I've messed up. I guess I have to send it in for review under the audience network first?

    I thought it wasn't needed to test ads but it probably is right? :P

  • If I remember correctly it should work without it. Since the reviewer needs to be able to see the ads...

    Is the Audience Network green in the app dashboard?

  • No that is the problem the audience network symbol is not green. So I guess I have to send it in for review in the monetize manager so they can approve the game for ads? That seems to be a whole seperate review than the actual app review you do before publishing. Can that be right?

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  • Yes it is a separate review.

    But you should be able to see ads before, the reviewer needs to see them that's the point of the review, otherwise they will not approve it obviously..

    If the symbol is not green and you cannot see the ads, something else is wrong with your setup.

  • fredriksthlm Ok then I have no idea what the issue can be. I can not make the audience network icon turn green and there are no other settings I can change except setting up the ads like I've done. It's like the FB-manager can't recognize that the SDK is in my app and that is what makes me think that the plugin isn't working.

    I have worked with construct for years and haven't had such issues with implementing ads on any other platform but man facebook really has to improve the workflow of their platform. Very frustrating to work with x)

    Do you think I have to do anything from my business manager account?

    I really appreciate the help :)

  • what is the staus of the ad in monetization manager then? You should be able to see the status of it, Idle/Waiting etc..?

    Have you set up the business payment account there?

    You are sure that you are requesting the ID of the AD, not the ID of the game? :)

  • The ad placement is under review now as I thought I had to send it in to work and it will be declined I guess. And yes I have the payment account submitted and I'm using the ad ID and not the app ID.

    Maybe I have to delete the apop and start over :P

  • ok, but what is the status of the placement? Ad space should be 'Successful ad delivery', placement should be 'Ready to publish'.

    (if it is in review is irrelevant)

    Mitt tips: Börja om om du fuckat up nåt! :DD

  • Haha, I did start over. And now I have setup everything again and the status atm is "Successful ad delivery".

    But it keeps telling me to choose a format. But I don't understand what that is. The ad is setup and I can't choose any format anywhere?

  • The format to chose should be Instant Games.

    You must create a Property (as a Data Source), and include the App as an asset. This must be done before you confiure any ads.

  • Ok, I have setup the ads as ad placements for instant games so no idea why it asks me to choose format then.

    The part about the data sources is unknown for me. I can see in my manager account settings that there is a section for "Data sources" but there is no subcategory for apps. Just "pixels" and other stuff.

  • Data Sources->Properties

    in there you should have a property with your game as an app asset.

    this property is the one you use in Monetization manager.

    then create an ad space and a ad placement. after the first fetch of the ad (ID) in the game, the ad placement should get the status "Requesting ads" and be green.

  • Ok, got it. I have the app added there but not sure if I added it before or after setting up the ad spaces. Do you think it matters?

  • Don't know.

    Just upload your app and try it on your phone. It should work directly if you have done it correctly.

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