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  • Wondering what would be the fastest way to debug features on my phone.

    I'm making an app that has a lot of multi-touch and weird swipe gestures and because of that, I need to do a lot of minor changes and run a preview. If the changes are simple and need only single touch I will just do a local preview on the computer which runs instantly. If I need to see how it works on the phone I will do a remote preview meaning I run the preview, scan the QR code with the phone, wait for 1 min while it starts, check if my programming was working, seeing it didn't take, change some minor stuff in C3 and restart the preview.

    Now my question is, is this the "right" way to doing mobile apps in C3? Should I connect the phone to the pc with a USB cable and launch through that somehow? Is there any way for it to start faster? Feels strange that is sooooo slow starting because if I make a debug APK it will start instantly.

    The phone and the computer are connected to the same router. The computer is connected with a cable and the phone is on wifi.

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  • Jumping in here because I've been using Remote Preview for ages and I'd also love to know how to optimise it. I have the same setup as you: computer with Ethernet and phone on Wifi. Oddly, my old Huawei P10 Lite loads the preview muuuuuch faster than my Samsung Note 9, so I suspect there's something that can be set on the phone itself to improve speeds.

    For what it's worth, though, I've found that for tweaking user interactions, setting up some debug sliders and whatnot in the game itself is very useful and makes for quicker testing. Not really a solution to this problem, but good practise for speeding up testing.

  • Preview on mobile web is horrible, because the mobile browsers are horrible.

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