Do family objects require an additional loop before they can be picked within the same scope?

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  • Right now I'm trying to do the following:

    The effect I'm getting is that the object is created, but the "type" and "name" variables aren't set directly after creation.

    Ashley once said:

    If you create an object, you can use it in the same event and sub-events, but not in sibling events, until the next top-level event. Since those events are all in a group, the newly created object is not available in subsequent events, until the end of the group (which is the "next top-level event" point).

    So I'm wondering if the reason why the family objects' values can't be set is because they aren't considered created objects within the scope of the current loop, and whether they need an additional, full loop before they can actually be picked?


    Or is the reason why it can't be targeted because I'm creating an object that belongs to the "bar"-family, and I'm subsequently trying to set the values by targeting the family itself?

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  • it's because bar&UI and bar are different objects

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