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  • Sempre que aperto o "play" para iniciar visualização do projeto ele vem apresentando erro. Gostaria de saber se isso só está acontecendo comigo e como que posso solucionar esse problema. - Não sei se isso ocorreu depois da última atualização.

    Veja na imagem:

    Whenever I press "play" to start visualizing the project, it has been showing an error. I would like to know if this is only happening to me and how can I solve this problem. - I don't know if this happened after the last update.

    See image:

    Note: My language is Portuguese, follow the text of the problem notice translated into English ...

    "Preview failed to start. Try restarting Construct 3 before trying again."


  • RCLima please note this is an English language forum - your posts should be in English. Using a tool like Google Translate is fine.

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  • hello try in project properties \ advanced and change script type from module to classic, if it works in classic its because one or several of your plugins or addons are outdated.

    hello tenta nas project properties \ advanced e mudar o scripts type de module para classic, se funcionar é porque um ou varios plugins ou addons k estas a usar estao outdated.

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