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  • Hey,

    I've been working on 2 projects recently, one of which I was working on yesterday and it opened perfectly, I saved it and closed the browser. As I have done 10000 times before.

    However now 2 of my projets are no longer accessible.. we're talking a LOT of hours of work...

    The error message I get is : Failed to open projects. Check if its a valid Construct 3 single-file (.c3p) project.

    I really need help here because I cannot loose this. Especially one of the projects.

    Thank you


  • Do you use the auto-backup feature in Construct 3? This might save you, as you may have a backup c3p file in the cloud, or in a folder on your computer.

    When working on anything important, keeping backups is STRONGLY recommended.

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  • Same problem in the desktop application once the browsing history is cleared, ( CCleaner)

    "Failed to open project. Check it is a valid Construct 3 single-file (.c3p) project."

    try opening it in Opera. it worked for me

  • look into the console

  • Update : it only happens with the Cloud save feature. I was able to get the file from the cloud manually and reload it locally. So the project isnt loss but i cant work on it anymore at work... (yes, a lot of my game creation is done while im working :D )

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