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  • Hi all, using the most up to date version of C3 Stable (r234.2) and it seems the ol' worker issue with Ajax is back (albeit way less frequently than before). The problem happens sporadically and without any real precedent.

    From reading previous forum posts and bug reports it seems that the worker handling the file loading via Ajax goes to sleep and therefore doesn't pick up any files when they are called. This could be audio files or JSON files.

    Here's an image of the console ...

    Unfortunately it's very difficult to re-create this consistently, as restarting the project, it seems to work fine and then it just decides not to load files anymore and that's it - no further JSON or Audio files will be loaded regardless until the project is re-started.

    Do I need to do anything here to improve this? As this was working without issue a few stables releases ago. Would very much appreciate any input.


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