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  • Hello Team,

    i have few doubt regarding facebook instant game plugins...


    1)Facebook instant game provide switch to a more appropriate context using context.switchAsync, context.chooseAsync or context.createAsync. but i am not able to find this option in instant game plugin given by construct3

    2)Facebook remove non-context leader-board, but instant game plugin by construct3 continue give option for both non-context and context leader board..so is it updated plugin or it is old one

    3)instant game plugin has no in-app purchased option given by facebook instant game .

    4) Also find difficulty in template creation whichneed to declared in fbapp-config.json file.

    5) Also sharing, invite, challenge option not post with given text field

    dose instant game plugin updated with facebook instant game api versions ?

    can anyone clear my doubt and help me in to add social elements in instant game

    thank you in advance...

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