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  • Hello, i have a game on google play but i have problems with facebook developer Oauth link...

    I do not know wich link to include... tried with a link to my app on store, and with the package of my game.

    When i click on an object with facebook action log in,i am receiving the error "You are not logged in. You are not logged in. Please log in and try again."

    There are no guides about C3 using correctly the facebook developer id to share...

    Please be nice and help me, im very frustrated.. Thanks

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  • Scirra


    Is a bug on the "login" in action of facebook plugin? Please founder, i need help, because nobody is using the facebook plugin in C3, there are no videos,guides about C3 with facebook login oauth links.

    And i cannot submit a bug for this, because i do not know if Oauth links are bad.

    The only thing i found was a guide, https://auth0.com/docs/connections/social/facebook

    And i did all on that guide too... i READED ALL staroverflow post, tried with all the answers

    I need to know wich link i have to write to use the C3 Facebook plugin to log in, wall post,publish link and more... or if is a bug on the plugin...

    I hope i can get some support from Scirra or the guy who added this plugin in C3.

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