No exports or preview works - fail for 3rd party plugins

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  • Since the latest beta, 226, I cannot get any export to work. APK just gives me black screen. Also the preview in construct gives me black screen( with errors for my third party plugins in the console).

    In 225 everything worked perfectly fine.

    Anyone else experiencing this?

  • Yes. Experiencing the same thing. Apparently, several users telling them the same thing on the r226 Release page's comment section is not enough. Despite the fact that Ashley and other Developer(s) do read those.

    They say you should file a Bug Report.

    It's like telling someone "hey, your pants zip is open.." and they respond by saying, "yeah ok whatever, Email me!"

    LOL.. like seriously, I don't have time to file a Bug report.. they made a blunder, it's not just a "bug". They should have immediately checked this out with just a few 'comments' there, because we'd have said exact same thing in the bug report anyway.

    Alright, my rants are over, sorry fred. Yes, myself and many others are facing the same issue. Just revert to r225 until it's resolved.

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  • If you run in to problems please file an issue following all the guidelines.

    This is our standard response because we routinely cannot reproduce issues based on comments and forum posts alone. We have a carefully designed process around issue reports that is designed to maximise the chance the problem can actually be solved.

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