Exporting from construct 2 to 3 with Spriter plugin

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  • If you have issues like I had to export your project, here is what you have to do :

    Go on your project on construct 2, delete all files related on "Spriter in bar project at the right :



    .png, and so on, ALL that is related to.

    you can found them on object types, families and Files, maybe other if you you had another plugin.

    When it's done, save your project as a single files and then, rename it for a backup if things goes wrong.

    Now open project on construct 3, and tadahh, that works, well that worked for me.

    Then place all your spriter files on construct 3, on exact same layout, then check if every sprite on layout are corresponding to the project on construct 2, and finaly, check for event, compare project construct 3 and 2, where event related to spriter's object are used.

    that could work with every plugin not just spriter.

    that's all. Just wanted to share,If someone had issues with that, and construct 2 will be disabled soon so.

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