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  • Hi everyone,

    My name is Abhishek Thapliyal and I have recently exported my game to play store.It is a very-very huge game (with over 222 projects of different range and variety).It took over two years to make the game and it will be improved in the future. And thus I want to share my experience working with construct 3:-

    ( I am a college student pursuing Instrument and Control engineering which has absolutely no connection with coding.And the subject is hectic too.So naturally I have very less time to devote to game development. So I wanted to work on a game engine where I can fulfill my dream without breaking my back.And I got navigated to construct 3.And openly speaking it did what I was dreaming )

    I am fluent in programming. In fact python has contributed a lot to my game made in construct 3 (it helped me design puzzles like sudoku,kakuro,mazes etc).And I also have knowledge of godot,unity and defold(sweet lua).But I still went with construct 3 (the decision which I am proud of it) because it was very soothing to design and combine all of 222 projects in a single app. Additional advantages which I got are :-it took very less time(2 years but my project is very huge !!!) to complete the project(it would take approx 3 years to do same thing in unity(and it would be overkill to use unity).And godot is quite buggy),I did not have to worry about my assets as they were trapped inside a single .c3p file

    In the end,when I exported my game to android, I realized that it was taking 20 seconds to load.And even worse, during that 20 seconds,there used to be only a black screen.This was an almost death to my dream.So assuming it as a bug,I filed a bug ( ).Ashley responded and tweaked codes behind the curtains and voila! my game which used to take 20 seconds was now just taking 3 seconds to open(during those 3 seconds still black screen was shown to users).It was a great improvement for me.And even more better,later on when r209 beta was introduced, that black screen was replaced with a white screen with game icon at the center-->super awesome

    Some left points:-

    There are no tutorials regarding admob and Inapp purchase.It was very-very disappointing for me and because of which I had to launch two games (one with ads and another without ads->paid).And later on I realised that admob were not working as expected

    My friend told me that this will DEFINITELY lead to admob ban as google's algorithm will assume that my app was collecting ads and trying to only show those ads which have higher ecpm, hence I had to disable ads.No idea whether it is due to a bug in construct 3 or my implementation (whatever->there were no tutorials for admob and it is quite natural to make mistakes like that hence I am very disappointed).

    If your admob account was banned without being naughty,try to compare the given image with yours.If it is similar (ratio of requests vs impressions is abnormally high) then surely this was the reason (I am really sorry about it).Or if you are successful in implementing admob then please,please,please share the recipe with me also ;-)

    In the Future:-

    I will buy chadori plugin(hope it perfectly works with construct 3) for monetization purpose(I also want to explore more options other than admob).And I believe that there must be tutorials for it.

    Otherwise it was very pleasant working with Construct 3 and I wish best of luck to whole construct 3 team.(also English is not my first language so please excuse my grammar mistakes).

    My game link:-

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