Exiting to the desktop when the player presses the Esc key

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  • OOPS! Sorry I just realized I should have posted this in the "How Do I..." forum. If a mod wants to move it over there that'd be awesome.


    I am very new user of Construct. Tried it out a couple of days and just paid the subscription for Construct 3 today.

    My background... I have been making games as a hobby for a long time (since C64 days lol) and typically I just program everything myself.

    Doing it with programming it is simple... but I cannot find anything on how to close the Windows desktop game application when the player presses the Esc key.

    I am thinking surely it has to be supported. I mean there must be some way to do it we cannot force people to use task manager to close them down. LOL!

    So... how do you do it? :)

    Thank you very much for taking your time to read and help me out.

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  • Add Keyboard plugin.

    Add browser plugin.

    In event sheet, add event On key pressed (Escape) and the action Browser > Close.

  • Thank you very much!

    I kept thinking it would be some system level thing but never even crossed my mind to look for a Browser object.

    It will take a bit to switch to this paradigm of everything in fact being web / browser technology yet also still being a plug-in.

    Anyway, I already had the Condition so just added the object and action and indeed it works! :)

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