Excellent performance on iOS (vs Android APK)

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  • Happy to report that my game is showing really great performance on iOS.

    Followed the official guide here to test on my device (iPhone7) and the performance is pretty much perfect. Even in the busiest parts of the game with lots of enemies on screen, plenty of projectiles flying about and with the player character running and jumping about rapidly, the game stayed at around ~25% cpuusage and showed zero jankiness!!! In contrast, Android shows clearly noticable jankiness, even though cpu stays <30% (running on a Pixel4a, a newer device than the iPhone7).

    Performance summary of my game:

    • HTML5 (Chome for Android - Pixel4a) - Excellent performance
    • iOS Test Build via Xcode (iPhone7) - Excellent performance
    • APK Signed Release (Pixel4a) - CPU stays <30% but shows jankiness

    So just more evidence that shows there is something wrong APKs. Current theory is that its a bug that the Chrome developers need to fix.

    On the upside for C3 devs aiming to publish to mobile: if you focus on iOS you can achieve good performance, seems its only Android that has problems.

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  • Ashley

    I can confirm that. Ditto same project was running smoothly in android but now it is getting very laggy in android. Same game,same platform,even android version is same too. And the performance on chrome is same what was before. (Now when I change layout it takes more time than what it used to take earlier)

    Try to figure out what has been changed sinced r210 which had an impact on android performance. And I am really worried about it

  • The last few tests I did on a Pixel 3 appeared to run perfectly smoothly.

    Once again, I think the only good way to investigate this and find out what's really going on, is to file an issue at crbug.com with details about the specific device. Any jank/webview-specific performance issues are beyond our control, so only Google can investigate and fix them, and the more issues are filed about this, the higher they will prioritise it.

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