Will this event suggestion and auto completion feature be useful to you ?

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  • Sometimes I myself and even others(probably) write code that is partly hard to maintain as it requires a lot of memory and sometimes even some tricks to maintain and debug them so and the feature which i have proposed can recommend one by one events to add in Construct 3's event sheet by detecting which trick you need from a database of tricks and by editing them to better suit their goal in your event sheets,and the events which will be recommended can also be viewed in a photo along with comments defining their use and as an example an event called "Trigger Once while True" which triggers an event once and only when it is True does not work with triggers event can be emulated with the code as follows-

    Global Variable 1 = False

    (Condition)- Every tick

    (Action) -"Insert any action here"

    (Action) -Set Global Variable 1 to True

    (Condition)Is boolean "Global Variable 1 True

    (Action)-"Insert any action here"

    (Action)-Set "Global Variable 1" to False

    and,Here by using this trick with different actions individually here we can as an example emulate a special condition called "Trigger once While True" while also overcoming its limitation of not working with triggers and by using this feature we can be recommended on which actions to add next along with information on when and where we can add our actions to make a trick work as it was intended by its creator and also by having a feature which can allow a user to share his tricks and by allowing others to vote on them just like in Construct 3's addons database the community can get a lot of tricks which can be useful to the users of Construct 3 and I will also like to know what do Ashley and Tom and you think off this feature and would this feature be useful to you.

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  • (comparison):Compare global variable mygvar=1, (action):set mygvar to 0

    That's it. That's all you need for a trigger.

    No "Every tick", no extra Boolean comparison.

    The next tick the variable will be different, and will not be run.

    Remember events run in event sheet order, so remaining events, in the same tick, will also see that value as different.

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