Errors with advance minify exports

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  • When I export my project to web (NWjs R212) with advance minify (simple and none works fine), and try to run it on my server, the project doesn't play any audio and the gamepad object is not working.

    I didn't test further, but there might be more official plugins with issues.

    When I get the time to stripe down my project and do some testing (takes forever to export), I'll submit a bug report with a c3p file.

    These are the error logs (they don't appear in simple/none) if it helps in the meanwhile.


  • I'm afraid "just mentioning" posts like this are rarely helpful. We have the bug report process and guidelines to make sure we get useful information and can help.

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  • Yeah I understand that, that's why I mentioned that once I'll have a c3p file that pins this issue I'll post it.

    I couldn't recreate it with a blank c3p file and just those plugins (audio browser gamepad), so it can be practically anything else (other plugins, events, images, sound files, I don't know) and I thought you might have any insight to point me in the right directions.

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