error opening project and my recent projects disappeared

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  • Hi guys all right?

    I've been working on a large project for 1 year and today when I opened my construct3 it's like the print:

    1- My recent projects are gone - I didn't update the program manually.

    2- the project's original file does not open - this error appears.

    Would you be able to tell me what could have happened and how can I get around this situation?

    Thanks everyone... I'm getting worried about missing my 1 year project

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  • If you need me to delete the post, let me know, but I found the solution here - which can be silly - but for me it wasn't...

    What happened is that C3 at the time of saving the buckap file was not automatically saving as .C3p as I was used to in C2.

    I needed to rename the local file and put the extension manually and it opened.

    Now, every time I save a file in C3 I have to put "filename.C3p" and then it will open normally... I believed that C3 did this by itself

    grateful to everyone.

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