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  • Has someone had this problem?

    I'm building a Facebook Instant Game, and when it goes to a specific Layout this error will show and the game freezes. I don't thinks is facebook related though.

    It's always the same layer, so i guess something must go wrong in there, but I have no clue at this point.

    ¿has anyone expierence something similar?

    here's the complete error:

    c3runtime.js:358 Uncaught (in promise) Error: already loaded texture

    at C3.ImageInfo.LoadStaticTexture (c3runtime.js:358)

    at c3runtime.js:361

    at (<anonymous>)

    at C3.AnimationInfo.LoadAllTextures (c3runtime.js:361)

    at c3runtime.js:2331

    at (<anonymous>)

    at C3.Plugins.Sprite.Type.LoadTextures (c3runtime.js:2331)

    at C3.ObjectClass.LoadTextures (c3runtime.js:370)

    at C3.Layout._Load (c3runtime.js:160)

    at C3.Runtime._DoChangeLayout (c3runtime.js:409)

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  • Post this here include an example file of your game, not the full game isolate the issue into the smallest file size possible so if it is indeed an error the team at construct can fix it. I've never personally seen that issue but it sounds like a possible bug.

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