Encrypting Project Files and variables

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  • Hi, I want my game variables to be safe so that people can't 'easily' change them to make the game easier etc as I'm hoping to offer 'real' prizes in a WebGL game.

    I know that there is always the possibility of hardcore hackers getting in somehow. However, I wanted to know if the project files such as JSON Arrays and Dictionarys are very easy to see for the end user if the game is uploaded to a website or will the user require more than just opening the file.

    I considered putting these vars on my backend but i figure that at some point the game needs to read them from the downloaded Ajax request anyway so isn't it just as easy for a hacker to modify them 'after' they have been downloaded from the server anyway?

    What are the options and peoples thoughts here?


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  • Everything is hackeable.

  • I understand this, but I would like to know best practices of making the data as safe a possible.

    I still lock my house door when I go out, even though a burglar could easily break in through the window..all fences can be climbed etc etc..

  • I think it's very hard to completely stop people from tampering with it, people will always find a way. Maybe it would be easier to disqualify people who have been tampering if there's any way you can detect it.

    For example if a variable was changed let's say score.. if the score is higher than they could possibly have gotten from the things that provide score. If you log everything, it will be pretty obvious if something doesn't add up.

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