the effects/addivte channels wont work.

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  • Hello,

    Iam going through the tutorials for C3 like the ones for C2 and in that version

    additive in the effects worked on the explosion however now

    in C3, I cant get it to work not stay, once I click off the object

    it goes back to normal, when I select the explosion again its still normal.

    When you add Additive there is a change you see even without preview, that does not happen either. However in C2 it works just fine..

    Any bugs with C3? I have a personal license as well..

    I have been able top get it to work by NOT using the mouse to select additive just the menu and then use the Arrow keys to select, at first it wont then it does.. back and forth.,.

    Is this because its browser based vs C2 app, desktop version

    Iam noticing a weird bug when using the mouse in the browser version, the sprites click when I use the mouse to the next place whereas its smooth in the Chrome app.. yet in Firefox, the bug makes the sprites skip from point to point, then I save the file close and open andd it works fine.. what gives? is it something with my system or with Firefox?

    Many Thanks


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