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  • -EDIT-

    problem solved. TLDR at end of post.


    Long time C2 user here. I am curious, is there a way to turn off editor side transition animations?

    They really piss me off. It's one thing to have a smooth UI, it's another thing to reduce efficient workflow by forcing the user to wait through UI animations. They are short, true, but every little action you do, every popup you click, it all adds up. It was one of my biggest complaints (besides rent pricing plans) when c3 first came out. Is there a fix for this?


    The problem: I don't like UI animations when they hurt workflow. I think c3 UI animation get in the way and I want them turned off.

    The fix: Go to menu -> settings. Basically you can turn off transitions and UI effects in the first group of settings. Problem solved.

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