Durable Functions - Awaitable Tasks inside Activity Function

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  • I have a durable function that has inputs determined by a previous activity function For each activity function I have multiple awaitable tasks where each task is dependent on the previous task's output.

    This is my structure as follows:



    public static async void Run(

    [OrchestrationTrigger] DurableOrchestrationContext context,

    TraceWriter log)


    if (!context.IsReplaying) log.Warning("MessageController started");

    var Input1= context.CallActivityAsync<ResultMessage>("Function_1", new InputMessage());

    var Input2= context.CallActivityAsync<ResultMessage>("Function_2", Input1);

    var Input3= context.CallActivityAsync<ResultMessage>("Function_2", Input2);


    Activity Function


    public static ResultMessage Run(

    [ActivityTrigger] DurableActivityContext activityContext,

    TraceWriter log)


    //Awaitable task

    var taskOutput= await DoSomething();

    //Awaitable task

    var token = await DoAnotherThing(taskOutput);


    I have tested MindMajix Microsoft Azure this and all works fine. But i ma wondering if this is good practice? Is it normal to have awaitable tasks within an activity function for a durable function?

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