Due the current "Situation" in the world, Will Scirra consider Personal License "tweaks" ?

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  • Hi All,

    I hope that everyone feels well and safe at the current situation.

    I saw some nice changes for the Education Support which is blessed for schools, teachers, students etc..

    Great Job Scirra!

    As some of you already know what's up with the Gamedev scene these days: Some good news starting to flow from companies around the globe for giving MORE for their supportive clients and even for newcomers, it's a very nice positive and thankful thing to do these days and not taken for granted for sure.

    This leads me to a question:

    Will Scirra consider some "time extension" or (hopefully) change of subscription model to normal purchase (one time higher price) in this weird hard-times where people probably have harder times and not just small companies?

    * I'm aware to the new'ish PER MONTH option which is an improvement, but it's still a "RENT" so we still don't OWN the software: Subscription is a Subscription at the end of the day.

    To be honest:

    In my personal case I think it may be too late for me or I will miss the opportunity if Scirra will decide to do something nice (no pressure) for their clients (I'm included hehe) for some time.

    The reason in my case (can only blame myself of course) is mostly because I was so busy with work and family and my Subscription just kept going for empty months... I was mainly working at my day job (I'm an animator) and unfortunately I had to froze my own Construct 3 projects while Subscription kept moving forward. TBH - that's just ONE of the reasons I can't stand Subscription Model when it comes to software.

    So in my case I have until early April to use my Personal License with C3 and I probably just stop the renew by than since with all my love to C3 I can't just spent all the time based on a monthly subscription it makes no sense and I've seen this already a money waste.

    I'm aware that Scirra is a small company, I'm not asking for FREE or anything, I just saw how the GameDev scene starting to change things and thought maybe there is a chance for some nice change consider the hard times we're (all of us, companies and supportive users) going to have.

    I hope that Scirra will consider some change, if it will be a 1-time (higher price) PURCHASE C3 as an addition to the subscription model, I have a feeling that I'm not the only one who's going to be happy about it.

    Unfortunately if nothing will change (I'm not counting on anything, just sharing my thoughts here) I guess that sadly, I will have to consider stop renew my C3 subscription at least for now, instead of just purchasing it once and pay for upgrade versions and keep supporting Scirra as a user for many more years to come...

    A snapshot from my current C3 project (Work In Progress) I may need to port this to another game engine as I work on it on my spare time but the core is already there and lots of addicting fun going on during testing it, VERY inspiring I must say! :)

    Sorry about my bad English,

    Much love to ALL OF YOU Scirra Team and Community, please feel free to share your opinions or ideas, stay safe and I send you all good vibes and a big smile! :)

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