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  • hi I'm trying to stream some C3 development in C3 via Discord.

    I'm running Windows 8.1 and have the latest Chrome Browser. But when I share my screen or the chrome app, when I play sounds in construct they are not heard by the viewers. I can share other apps sound.

    anyone else have this issue and/or know a work around? Seems to be an issue with Chrome but I havent found any guides for chrome to fix it...or even any setting I would check.

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  • Some things to try include seeing if it works with another browser, an uploaded exported project and,/or an nwjs export.

    There may be discord settings to look into as well that may determine what audio gets streamed or not.

    You could also file a bug report, following the guidelines. You'll be more likely to get a developer response that way, whether it's a C3 bug or chrome issue or even if they can't do anything about it.

  • no its definitely a Chrome thing. I try to share my screen when I have a chrome tab open of a YouTube video playing and there's still no sound.

    I even tried OBS > Virtual Cam > Discord - sound is also muted. This one really confuses me, since its not even Chrome at this point.

    But when I play a NWjs build of the game the sound is fine.

    Pretty sure this a Discord or Chrome bug. But I was just wondering if anyone had a similar problem and fixed it.

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