8 Direction Behaviour not working in Debug mode C2

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  • Hi all,

    First time post so apologies if this is in the wrong location, I am currently a c2 r259 64bit (steam) user.

    I have noticed when using the 8-direction behaviour on a sprite and using debug mode the behaviour does not work as in no movement at all when pressing the keyboard keys. It does work when running the game normally I use chrome and NWJS I have tried in both Chrome and NWJS and still cant get the behaviour to work. I tested the function in C3 and it does work in debug mode.

    I have not reported this as a bug as maybe its not meant to work in c2 or i'm doing something wrong. I have not uploaded my capx as this can be replicated using the 8 Direction 1 (Simple Movement) capx that comes within the c2 tutorials.

    any advice or help would be appreciated.

    Thank you


  • make sure when using the debugger that you click the game window if you click the debug window the game won't register your inputs because the game is not focused

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  • BINGO!!!

    I feel like an idiot ;)

    Thank you so much

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