The difference between publishing to mobile, HTML and an actual executible?

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  • I've seen that games keep coming up to play in a browser, but I can't seem to play those on my phone. And I want to create a long 2D RPG with saves and I'd think that a PC exe sort of game, that is installed on the system, would be the better way, but all I've seen are games that are html.

    1. If I wanted to make a game that uses touch screen on a phone and not be in a browser, is that possible?

    B. Can I make a game for PC that isn't run in a browser?

    And if either of those are possible, how? I haven't been able to find anything except html5 so far.

    Oh, the other thing, is it possible to do something with Construct that allows multiple people to play the same game, or at least access the same environment or stats, so they can play with/against each other?


  • 1. Yes. It's a Html5 engine. It uses webview and Cordova for mobile. You should Google that.

    B. Yes. It's a Html5 engine. It uses Nwjs for desktop versions.(googleit)

    1B. No. All exports are based on Chrome.

    §. Yes. Search the forum for "Multiplayer"

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  • You may want to check the online manual, and especially the "Publishing Games" article, as well as the article for the multiplayer plugin.

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