Difference between preview and Cordova export

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  • Hi Ashley, are there any significant differences between the Cordova export build and the one in preview? I've asked around, even in the Cordova community, and most are convinced that the System Webview performance and Chrome for Android performance should be about the same.

    However, it is not the case with Construct 3, it is often slower after export, in terms of stuttering.

    I have tried to remove as much of the built-in Cordova plugins as possible, but I still cannot find any noticeable differences. That's why I was was hoping for a bit of insight, what to look for.

    Is it possible for you to give us a little bit of information to start with? So that we can narrow down our search for a solution.

    Thank you.

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  • I'm afraid I don't know - a small number of people seem to have mentioned Android WebView specific performance issues, but it's Google who develop that, so your best bet is to file an issue at crbug.com. Maybe the worker mode setting will affect it so you could try with that too.

  • Hey Chadori did you follow this thread?



    A change was made in C3 beta r247 to 'frame scheduling' that improved jank / stuttering in Android exports for me. Jank still isnt completely gone but that change did improve things.

    Not sure if these discussions on crbug have any useful information for you?:



  • Thank you Ashley. I'll refer my concerns to the chromium team, the issue seems to always lead me back there.

    I didn't, Artpunk, thank you for the links. I am aware about the frame scheduling improvements, which is great and I have experienced quite a boost in stability. However, yeah, I'm still trying to find a fix for the leftover stuttering, and to finally match the stability of the Chrome for Android, which is quite responsive compared to the System Webview.

    I will try to help where I can in reporting the issue.

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