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  • Is the dictionary 1000 row soft limit due to technical limitations?

    At the 1000 mark the only way I can add rows to dictionaries is by manual adding 1 row each time, in cases where I need say 200+ more rows this quickly becomes unreasonable.

    Ultimately, this leads to the use of multiple dictionary instances each with 1000 rows. So instead of checking a single large dictionary, the system will now be checking multiple 1000 row limited dictionaries.

    If this is the case, I'm wondering how this would be less limiting from a technical standpoint. Is the soft-limit primarily to prevent someone from setting the rows to an extremely high number (10k+?) that might cause a crash?




  • The limit is arbitrary, it has to have one as memory is not infinite.

    I did notice a couple of things though.

    1) It looks like it is a bug that you can continue to add rows after the limit is reached.

    2) Dictionary could most likely do with a larger limit.

    I think the 1000 limit was put in there because of the array editor, where you can have 100 sheets of 1000 rows and 1000 columns each, which can potentially be a ton of data.

    In the case of dictionaries the limit could be much larger, because the columns are always 2 and there are no sheets.

    In the mean time you'll have to deal with 1000 limit.

  • Do I need to submit a feature request for this or do you take it from here?

    P.S. For O(n) lookups, is there a theoretical key count at which you'd see noticeable performance dips?

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  • It's better if you submit an issue in our tracker, as this thread might be quickly forgotten.

    As for key count and performance, I really don't know. Haven't really tested Javascript's limitations myself in that regard, so I can't tell.

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