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  • I've spent the last 3 hours looking for examples and tutorials about this and coming empty handed.

    Is there really no "easier" way to create rpg dialogue between 2 characters with expressions in C3?? I watched the 1,5 hour video on Scirra academy involving json and ajax. I bought the dialogue system template (the only one btw) on the Scirra store, picked the bones of this forum/youtube to see if there is a newbie tutorial on doing this.. I'm drowning or finding nothing. Are there any other plugins? Other way other than involving above mentioned ways? Is Scirra planning on releasing functionality that makes this easier in the near future? I have no issues deving my game up to this moment (rpg game). I'm so frustrated..

  • If you want to use expressions tokenAt() is quite capable.

    You can even keep your strings in variables, although that may not be great if there's a large amount of text.

    I would suggest writing out all the text yourself in notepad. That will get you closer to knowing how you want it to work than a tutorial.

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  • Text has been written. All I need is a method to implement dialogue and portraits in a dialogue window.

    If Scirra would create a plugin for this aka Tyranobuilder/VN builder, construct would steal the marked. Anyhow, I solved it: Hired someone to implement it into my game.

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