Destroy Sprite not working since update?

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  • I just tried to edit one of my games. Since the latest update it isn't working correctly though. Sprites that have been placed using the layout editor can't be destroyed using

    Sprite > Destroy

    Sprites that have been placed in the event sheet however can be destroyed.

    Is anybody else experiencing this?

  • I just went back and it works fine in version r182.2.

    Any ideas what has changed since then that would stop my sprites being destroyed?

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  • I figured out how to fix it. I was using

    or If Sprite | Value = 13

    in an if loop above it in the code. For some reason this prevented it from working. I changed it to

    or If System | Sprite.Value = 13

    and it works again. In both cases this was just an or tagged on the end and wasn't even true in this case. Strange but atleast it's working now!

  • "Sprite Compare Variable=XX" picks Sprite instances.

    "System compare two values Sprite.variable=XX" doesn't pick instances, and it compares the variable from the first sprite instance only.

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