Desktop Game + Mobile as 2nd Screen (Concept)

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  • for more interactive experience.

    + some info (summary) display on mobile

    + some control input from mobile

    + some notification to mobile screen

    ------- Question ---------

    How to achieve this?

    my early idea : Multiplayer? ( 1 player as desktop, another player as mobile, both control by same user )

    or any other suggestion to achieve this.

    ( i have no experience building multiplayer game with C2/C3 yet )

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  • I did this (twice)(but using a different engine) and I did it 2 ways:

    First as you mentioned, I setup a basic multiplayer to transfer data.

    Second way: As there wasnt much "fast paced" action and was only for text updates ETC I simply had a web server, Database and PHP script, desktop sent data and the mobile checked and updated from the Database every 10 seconds.

    Hope this helps


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