Deprecated Personalized Ad Consent SDK

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  • Hello, Ashley please, I have knocked down 2 applications in Google Play because it says that the SDK is deprecated. Is it something the Cosntruct exporter has to fix? Thanks in advance.

  • I've highlighted this many times, in several threads already. The old EU consent has been marked with a red warning text in the Google reference docs for almost a year now.

    The UMP should be used instead. It was released in July 2020.

  • I've highlighted this many times, in several threads already. The old EU consent has been marked with a red warning text in the Google reference docs for almost a year now.

    The UMP should be used instead. It was released in July 2020.

    You are talking about this, aren't you?

  • Scirra must update the Advert plugin! Honestly, I can't believe they have not updated the plugin. Ashley has said it is on their to-do list but nothing happens. So bad.

  • The entire SDK is deprecated, and no longer maintaned by Google.

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  • Chiming in between. I believe scirra should now team up with a third party plugin maker and in return of that increase the construct 3 pricing little bit high. Because going for 3rd party plugin is quite vulnerable in long run.

    Also,not related but I am even more worried about mobile export existence. I don't believe that Cordova will remain and maintained for too long. And I have invested a good amount of hard work in Construct 3 😭

  • Same situation here, Google has turned down a game and demonetized from admob. We need a solution for this.

  • The error appears to refer to "child-directed services". Does that mean it only comes up if you aim to make content specifically for children? Presumably then content aimed at adults is not affected by this?

  • Google is now removing and demonetizing all C3 apps that are Designed for Families because of the outdated Mobile Advert plugin. Apps for adults are so far unaffected. But this needs to be fixed ASAP Ashley.

  • Alright, that does seem like an important thing to get fixed. I'm afraid I can't give an ETA - it looks like by now we more or less need to rewrite the whole AdMob plugin, and that's a potentially long and complicated project (I think it took at least a couple of months to develop in the first place). We'll try to start work ASAP though and see what can be done about it.

    I've said before and I think it's worth repeating, I do think third-party addons are a better fit for integrating ad services. We only support one, and third-party addons support a much wider range. Even the one we do support is difficult and time consuming to develop, requiring regular significant maintenance. As a small team with limited resources and a mountain of other things to work on, it can be painful trying to schedule the time required just to maintain it, especially when it needs a lot of work as appears to have become apparent now. Some people have expressed wariness of third-party addons, but the only real problem is developers who abandon their addons. If nobody is developing an addon, it will probably break sooner or later. If it has an active developer - especially if it's a paid addon with commercial support - it should be absolutely fine, since you have someone to go to if any problems come up.

  • Thanks Ashley.

    This is what you recommend for C3 plugin makers: "I think there is some level of responsibility for addon developers to keep an eye on developer news, release notes, listen to feedback coming from users, and maybe do a quick test every couple of months". Actually you also said that you gave a heads up three months before a breaking change to C3 plugin makers to fix their plugins when you did breaking changes.

    But to be fair, Google gave you one year for this one. You also have the same responsibility to look into the release notes from Google every now and then, just to check if some small tweak is needed. Now when you didn't do anything for a year I understand it's a huge job to do it all in one go. But the UMP was really released July 2020, same time they marked the old EU consent to be deprecated.

    "If nobody is developing an addon, it will probably break sooner or later.". They also gave out a guide how to amend the ad methods to comply with v20 release (several months before removing the old methods!), but you didn't amend those either. So then the plugin broke..

    I know you are a small team and all, but unfortunately this plugin needs proper attention. You seem more interested in building your 3D boxes and such at the moment, but that is just not a good priority at the current state.

    Maybe the Admob plugin would be a good one to have external help with? Maybe consult Iain or some plugin maker to write the first version. But you must have ownership, and interest in it.

    But good that this finally seems to get proper attention. Thanks!

    My suggestion is a new one, and deprecate the old one (so it cannot be imported in any new project), but for old existing projects you should be able to maybe have them both, so you can amend the events before removing the old one. Obviously only have the new one when you export! But since it will be many breaking changes I think i will be hard to rewrite the current one to get all ACEs to work with the new stuff. (But do like you did with Function-plugin sort of).

    Good luck! Looking forward to it.

  • Very nice to hear this has a high priority now Ashley!

    Thanks! :)

  • Why is everybody so full of **** ( I don't mean people posting here, but google, people writing these laws and people obsessing over it )

    A simple text saying clicking on a play button you consent to ( insert ad consent requirements text )

    Perfectly legal and enough. There is no need for bullshit SDK and this and that.

    Every time you install any app is asks for permission to use your camera, microphone and all kinds of crap, and you can choose to install or not. Clicking a simple play button in a game, with ad consent text next to it ( or a pop up ) is exactly the same thing.

    You can choose to play or not

    People coming up with these laws have no ^%$&^ing idea what they are talking about and Google has even less of an idea of how to handle it.

    Admin note: please don't use offensive language as per the forum & community guidelines

  • I apologise for the inconvenience. Part of the problem is that the developer who originally wrote the addon has since left. The other part of the problem is as ever we just have too many things to do.

  • I did not use offensive language,

    That phrase is not scheduled to become offensive until summer 2022

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