Debugger crashes on startup - how to diagnose?

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  • Whenever I try to start up my project in debugger mode, Construct 3 instantly crashes. I'm using the NW.js version of C3, and this is a very big project so I'm not going to try to reproduce this in a test project.

    Is there any crash log I can look up to try to get some diagnostics or a stacktrace to explain why the debugger isn't working?


  • I'd advise to use Construct in a browser instead. NW.js has long had a bunch of issues that never happen in a browser, and browsers now have virtually all the same features as the NW.js version.

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  • Well, that's unfortunate. I use the NWJS version because it lets me save to a local file, and I'm building my game as an NWJS app and I use the associated plugin to manage my save data.

    Is migrating to the browser version, and using export instead of save to get local files, my only option for debugging?

  • Ayy,

    I'm also working a NWJS-heavy project - I have lost bits of work thanks to the NWJS version randomly crashing when new Windows popup (especially the debugger).

    I've found the best setup is to use Chrome, then use the "remote preview tool" found in the link below this paragraph, and then you simply use C3 in Chrome, but whenever you want to preview, you can do a Remote Preview, paste the remote URL into the remote preview tool, and then away you go - full NWJS functionality when previewing you project, and the editor remains in Chrome which is extremely stable compared to having the editor in NWJS.

    The only downside I've been meaning to ask about is - how do I use the debugger in "remote preview" , so that I debug my NWJS project.

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