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  • One thing I don't like about Custruct 3 is that the UX design is pretty bad. It's pretty clunky to create stuff, and to add behaviours etc. So here's a little quick mockup i made that could speed up the process a bit.

    Any chance we can get something like that?

    If an object is selected. Just click the desired Behaviour from the toolbar to add it. (Behaviours would be greyed out if nothing is selected)

    If you need a another sprite or 9 patch. Just add it directly from the toolbar.

    Effects and other stuff could be added as well.

    It would be best if the toolbar is customizable because some people use certain things often, and some people use some things less.

    One alternative is that the quick bar has 2 states... one when nothing is selected, to create stuff. And one when something is selected to add behaviours and effects etc.

    Some other useful stuff[b/]

    Keyboard Shortcuts in layout view.

    T = add Text object

    S = add Sprite

    9 = add 9 patch object

    B = add tiled backround

    Alt+S = Add solid behaviour

    Alt+P = Add pin behaviour

    and so on.

    Many commonly used tools and behaviours needs easier ways to add them. The layout view is Pretty clunky to work with, and could use a good update in usability.

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  • Some more useful shortcuts that could be added.

    Commonly used objects.

    T = add Text object

    F = add Sprite Font object.

    S = add Sprite

    9 = add 9 patch object

    B = add tiled backround

    D = add dictionary

    A = Add Array

    F = Add function

    Commonly used Behaviours (a modifier key for behaviour could be used)

    Alt+S = Add solid behaviour

    Alt+P = Add pin behaviour

    Alt + 8 = Add 8 direction

    Alt + B = Add bullet behaviour

    Alt + N = Add sine behaviour

    Alt + F = Add Fade behaviour

    These are just suggestions, but I think you get the point.

    Currently you have to:

    1. Select the object

    2. click "add behaviour"

    3. then scroll to find what you want

    4. select the behviour

    5. Click "Add"

    All those steps can be removed with simple shortcuts and Quickbar.

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