Custom behaviors, function parameters?

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  • You know how in Unity or other engines, you create like a combat system or a UI system and give it parameters, and change those parameters like instance variables. (These are called Components in Unity)

    We have for instance, the Platform variable. It has parameters like speed, acceleration... and we sometimes give it more parameters with instance variables.

    Sometimes, if an object or a sprite has more than one functions or it is a part of more than one component, instance variables may get messy.

    Would there be an addition to create custom components like this? Say, I want to create a custom behavior in-engine! and assign it to the objects that I want?

    This can be reproduced with Families too, but for example, making a UI system and quickly implementing values and parameters to it would make sense if we were able to take advantage of a custom behavior system.

    What are your thoughts about this? Would it be deemed simply unnecessary? I mostly wonder about Ashley's response. Is it a good point of view at all?

    Thank you.

    P.S: Have been using Construct for the last 2 years or so happily, and for both games and applications. Didn't mean to overstep or anything.

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  • I also posted it here:

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