Where is "Crop" scaling mode for C3?

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  • the biggest reason it is needed due to wanting/needing to create our own custom tools in construct for our own games made in construct.

    it exists in C2

    and it doesn't in C3

    so my question is what is the reason for Crop scaling mode not existing in construct 3?

    also will it ever be adding back in again? if so when will it be added in again?

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  • It was very complicated to implement and there didn't seem to be any good reason to use it over the better alternatives. What did you need it for?

  • it would be incredible useful for custom tools in C3. these are the following reasons it would be needed;

    • Ability to scale the window correctly to view more of the in-game window
    • to take advantage of the features in C3 for the a tool
    • every other scale mode bring their own sets of issues
    • To be able to build our tools in our games without needing to create a new project and redoing the same code

    this is a gif of a custom level chunk editor for a procedurally generated game, it would export an XML file that would then be read by C2/C3 to create chunk based on data provided. (the gif showcases what the crop mode does for anyone that is unfamiliar)

    there has been a myriad of tools people have made in C2 with the crop mode ranging from dialogue editors to custom data structures within levels for game specific things.

    it would be incredibly frustrating without the "crop" scale mode for any custom tool that someone would make for their own games. heck it would be incredibly frustrating to use C3 if it was using the other scale modes that don't act like the "crop" scale mode.

    To be honest these wouldn't be needed as much if there was an editor SDK so that we could create our own tools within the C3 editor but I can understand why that won't be ready yet or if it will ever be, this would be a hell of a lot easier compromise in the meantime, atleast I hope.

    I know that the list of reasons may be small but they would be incredibly needed to stay within the C3 ecosystem.

  • Can you not emulate something like that using say 'scale outer' mode and 'set canvas size' when the window size changes?

  • sadly no, I've tried before it just gives horrible experience and scales things in ways that are unwanted.

    edit- actually that might be a good compromise but it is a bit too hacky

  • Looks like it works reasonably well to me: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yil84zyb3h213xh/emulated-crop-scale.c3p?dl=0

  • thanks Ashley! I was able to prototype out a little editor thanks to your advice.

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