Create pre-assembled hierarchy at runtime?

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  • With the new scene graph feature, I was hoping to be able to assemble a heirarchy of objects in an "object bank" layout, then create that as needed during runtime via a single event.

    For example, an invisible dummy object would be the parent to a bunch of other objects that comprise a pause menu, or perhaps a large complex enemy with multiple parts / unique instances. So "create dummy object" would effectively create my whole pre-assembled pause menu or complex enemy on the fly during runtime, and destroying the dummy would destroy the child objects as well. (Yes, I know containers create / destroy their partnered objects at runtime but this is different.)

    Is this not possible or am I just missing something? It looks like hierarchies made in a layout only pertain to those exact instances.

    I suppose this would be more akin to Unity's prefabs but wasn't that sort of the point with the scene graph feature to begin with?

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  • It's supported in r226+ with the new 'Create hierarchy' option.

  • Ah, wonderful! I switched to the stable channel a while ago so I hadn't seen that yet.

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