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  • Hey

    Sometimes my game crashes unexpectly: everything and console freezes (cannot click on anything). I have the idea that this problem started when changing from runtime C2 to C3. The project is too big to send it. But can someone translate this for me? What does the TypeError of the console mean? Maybe if I have some information about the kind of error I can search for solutions. It give me stress, cause I can't find the thing I'm doing wrong.

    Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property 'GetWorldInfo' of null

    at l (commonACEs.js:1)

    at c.ExpObject (expNode.js:1)

    at b._expressionFunc (blob:

    at b.GetExpression (parameter.js:1)

    at a (condition.js:1)

    at C3.Condition._RunSystem (condition.js:1)

    at C3.EventBlock._DebugRunAndBlock (eventBlock.js:1)

    at (<anonymous>)

    at C3.EventBlock.DebugRun (eventBlock.js:1)

    at (<anonymous>)

    Thank you in advance.


  • The engine tries to read the property (getWorldInfo) of an object (cannot read property of), except that object doesn´t exist.(null)

    Or in other words, it´s like I tell you to check out my drawing and I hand you a blank piece of paper.

    Such errors in the console are almost always bugs and not user errors, you could probably work around it if you find the source. But you should definitely file a bug report here

    There you are asked to provide a minimal project file, doing this will also help you isolate the bug yourself and you can check if you can work around it.

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  • Could be related to this issue:

    Or other similar case.

  • Thanks very much, both of you, for the tips and advice!!

    understanding what's wrong is a first step!

    I've tried to post the error report but it such a big project, with ES/LY's including in others that's making hard to get the right part out.

    For some reason this bugs began after switching runtime.

    So it's possible that some objects are not created when needed to.

    I will try to track it down!

    Wish you both a happy year changing!

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