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  • For the Sprite editor:

    1. I switched to the light theme and noticed the saved color palette was now empty. It would be nice if that didn't change.

    2. A way to choose between 256 and 100 value for the colors would also be nice to have. I say that as some external editors also have that option, and its difficult to notice the difference in many cases.

    For Event sheets:

    While sub events have an indentation for a visual distinction it doesn't scale well when you have event lists that are longer than the screen view, and the lines don't help much as the distinction there is just a slightly different width line.

    A suggestion might be alternating color contrasts between each sub event header. Than would pop out more when scrolling the sheet. And you would at least be able to tell quickly if something is a top condition. Anybody who's had a crash from accidently getting a sub event as a top level should attest to that.

    I'm making a post here rather than the suggestions platform in case anybody has any better ideas.

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