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  • Ok I have ran into something interesting on R106 in the desktop build and I am curious if anyone else is experiencing this, basically, you have multiple layouts open, you go to one layout, copy an object, paste it to that layout and it randomly pastes it across all layouts that are open. The only way around this so far as I can tell, is to only have a single layout open at a time, don't see that problem then. Although I haven't checked my master global layout yet to see if it also pastes it their.

    Curious if I am the only one with this problem before I bother with filing a bug.

  • Are you sure you're not using Global Layers?

    Something I've only just learnt about - If you have several layouts, all with layers called (for example) Starfield - if one of these layers is checked as Global in the left hand Layer Properties then Copy/Paste on that Global layer will paste too all other layers called Starfield also.

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  • I have 1 global layer, HUD, that's it, the copy/paste is on lower layers on different layouts, but when pasting with multiple layouts open, it cross pastes, and not on the global layout layer, these are non global layouts without shared layers. It's goofy

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