Converting Frame-rate dependent game to independent through time-scales?

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  • Alright so I had made a game, which doesn't use any dt functions, never realized the need for it (until now). So my game is frame-rate dependent, and for the first time when I played it on a 90Hz display mobile, it's totally unplayable.

    The game is huge, and it's almost impossible to go through every action to modify things with dt functions, I was thinking if I could simply change the Time-scale once I know what Hz is the user playing on?

    For example:

    if 90Hz display, then set time scale to 1/1.5 (and so on).

    I tried set time scale dt*60, but that didn't help either. But I'm really hoping there could be a quick solution (improvisation) to solve this problem? Is there a way to detect or measure the phone's display Hz?

    Please help, thanks!

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  • The timescale modifies dt, so only works for framerate independent games.

    A good way to test your game is framerate independent is set the timescale to 0. Everything should pause. If anything keeps moving, that needs to be updated to be framerate independent.

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