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  • Hello guys! I have a general question about Construct 2 or Construct 3 and Convertibile Laptop.

    My ideea is to buy a Convertibile Laptop and work on C2/C3 on it when is a laptop or tablet.

    Do you think it can run the program and if there are any problems that can appear ?

    Thank you!

  • Construct 2 is restricted to Windows only, so consider that before buying a machine.

    I've dabbled in C3 on my iPad Pro and MacBook Air and I think it works nicely (more experienced users may have more to say on the matter mind you!) Also bear in mind that C3 is still in beta, and if you want to see what bugs are currently being worked on, you can check the tracker.

    Both Construct 2 and 3 have free versions, so you can always try those out first! And if you're going and testing laptops/tablets in a shop, you can probably load up the Construct 3 editor on a demo machine if they're not too locked down.

  • tunepunk is an expert on this, so I will defer to his experience. I used C2 and C3 for about six months with a Surface Pro 4, but despised the tablet because of poor battery life, the floppy, bouncy keyboard, and the small, mushy trackpad. I couldn’t get into using the pen, as it was so much slower and clunkier than a mouse/trackpad and a keyboard. By the end of six months, I decided that both my Dell Inspiron and my MacBook Air were better for C2 and C3 respectively, and my iPad was a better tablet, but I don’t use the iPad for C3. I gave the Surface Pro 4 back two months ago, and haven’t regretted the decision.

  • Thank you very much guys! I am going to the shop and test C2 or C3 if they let me, and I will give you my feedback then.

  • It depends how you plan to work.

    I mostly work only with a pen and touch input in C2 and C3 but it has some problems.

    C2 does not recognise a pen right click, so I have to use a 3rd party software to fix that.

    C3 - Most browsers don't work very will with pen/touch (especially pen) at the moment. But if you plan to use C3 with a keyboard and mouse any browser will work.

  • I use C2 regularly on my Surface Pro 3. It is far from the best in terms of usability, but it does get a lot of use simply due to how portable it is, while still running Windows. I do use a Bluetooth mouse, as I can't stand trackpads and I was unable to get away with touchscreen/pen only (the pen is definitely nice for making quick placeholder doodles though!). The keyboard cover is both good and bad - it isn't a "great" keyboard and can be floppy and awkward in certain positions, but the simple fact that it IS a physical keyboard beats an OSK by far.

    In general I was less inclined to pull a traditional laptop out in many situations as I would a tablet, like waiting for a kid to get out of class. It is great for the random idea I got in my head I want to try out or jot some notes down, but for serious production mode it will never beat a desktop. Seated at a desk with peripherals such as mouse keyboard and monitor I'd say it is more or less equivalent to any other laptop.

  • no idea c2 but c3 confirm work

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  • Guys, I tried C2 on a Lenovo Laptopt and it worked pretty well on touchscreen only, it was pretty intuitive and smooth....It takes longer to preview in broswer but it's decent....the only down side is the screen size but overall it's ok for traveling and working in bed

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