Contstruct 'Demonoire' Template: Why no use of the Timer behavior?

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  • I've noticed that the Demonoire template project (found on the startpage of the Construct Editor) is'nt using the Timer behavior.

    Instead, the trick shown in the pic below is used (set up a var, then substract value and test for <= 0 to apply some actions).

    Why is that?

    Is it a better approach for speed or something?

  • It's the same although you could say the timer behaviour is more convenient. You can use either one.

  • Right, but the author actually uses 1 timer somewhere in the code, so he/she knows about the use of Timers.

    There must be a good reason not to use only Timers...

  • There are multiple ways to do many things. Use whatever you are most comfortable with and is convenient for you.

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  • More often than not there is no right answers on how to implement a certain feature. The templates are meant to give a hint for beginners as to how a certain type of game might be implemented, but they are not the only way to go about it.

  • Yeah, you could use Tween, or the Timelines, but the fact that it uses dt makes it an even better teaching resource.

  • I don't know the real answer (the template was developed by a third party years ago), but sometimes old projects don't use features simply because they did not exist at the time, and were only introduced later on. Some of the Start Page projects actually date as far back to Construct 2's introduction in 2011. I do occasionally modernise and update templates to use newer features, but the sheer number of them makes this a lot of work, and often they are complex and developed by other people which makes them harder to change.

  • Alright got it!

    Thanks guys.

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