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  • I assume someone has written a construct program to remap a controller.

    I had someone test a game using a 8BitDo SN30 Pro. And when they hit "X", Construct heard it as the 'R' key which is quite puzzling.

    I assume I have to listen for button indexes and then save them as variables, then use those variables for the indexes?


  • Yes, the same way you would redefine keyboard mapping.

    I usually have a setting.json as a dictionary with keys like k_jump / j_jump for each button with the index as value and I read that straight into my control events (on key index).

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  • Be sure to update the firmware on your 8bitdo. I've had a similar problem with mine in the past. After updating the firmware, chrome was able to read all the inputs like you would expect from a normal xbox layout.

  • Rilem that is good to note for support. But as it wasn't my personal issue, it was someone who was remotely testing my game, that was the controller they were using and none of the buttons worked.

    (sorry have no idea how to tag Headbang Games) that's a great idea. I just realize I need to save this config for the next play separate from saving the game. I haven't done too much with save stuff other than a full game save, any suggestions?

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