Continuous Preview in C3?

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  • Is continuous preview not currently available in construct 3? Can't seem to get it to function at all unless it's now a menu option somewhere instead? Really loving C3 so far though : )

  • It's not implemented right now, I had the impression nobody used it. Do you use it a lot?

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  • Thanks for the reply Ashley, I'm brand new to construct in general so I don't have a lot of experience using it but it just seemed like a really great feature for testing things. Are there any plans to implement something similar in C3? Really impressed with construct so far though, keep up the great work .

  • If you could play your game while editing a level for instance, it would cut down on development time significantly.

    Imagine you are building a platformer. You run your game and you notice that you can't make the jump. To fix it you have to stop your game play with some variables and test it again.

    To tweak these variables and levels to perfection takes time. This is multiplied by the load time of the game.

    C3 is already built for speed, this would make the development process go by much quicker.

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