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  • Hello,

    I believe I read somewhere that Construct3 will run offline on tablets. I have tried to do this on my iPad Pro by adding Construct3 to my home screen but when I go into airplane mode and launch the app, it fails to run due to the lack of an internet connection.

    I fly for my job and would love to work on my game when I am flying, has anyone been able to run Construct3 offline using an iPad?


  • It should work offline with the latest iOS 11.3. Have you updated the iPad to that version?

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  • Thanks for the information Ashley.

    I am using the latest IOS version 11.3.1 on both of my iPad pro devices (12.9 and 9.7). I found that I can now run Construct3 offline but only when I launch Safari and then choose the Construct3 bookmark that I have created which will work while in aiplane mode.

    I was not able to run Construct3 offline if launching Construct3 from the desktop icon as Construct3 suggests when first launched (Dialog to add Construct3 to desktop).

    Again, thanks for the help!

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